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Pay Per Click Services

PPC or pay per click is considered a profoundly impactful marketing approach to yield immediate positive results for your website. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on successful PPC campaigns. And we can deliver exactly what you need when it comes to PPC. With the power of Google Adwords we will plan and manage an optimized marketing campaign for your business. Our services also include precise reporting.

Improve your landing page right now with our PPC Services.

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Manufacturers and designers of computer and mobile software often devote spaces of their production software to advertising, in addition to reimbursing the cost of production, but also help to earn money. Banner ads can be displayed in such spaces. Most likely, your ads will be seen and noticed by a large number of software users.

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In this way, advertising companies display your banner ads on the most visited internal sites and charge you for each click on the banner. This method of advertising is very effective, because banner ads are displayed on many sites, and any audience that is attracted to your ads, clicks on the banner and will eventually be directed to your website.

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Search engines are one of the most important sources of audience traffic to various websites. In this way, the audience will reach the site by searching for some phrases, which they call "keywords".

Search engines display the results to the audience in the form of a large number of pages. Novice websites often take a long time to appear on the first and second pages of search results, on the other hand, most people are only satisfied with the results of the first to third pages and may not come across your site.

To solve this problem, search engines have designed an advertising method called SERP, which works like this, you select one or more keywords and pay the search engine the equivalent number of clicks. This way, if the audience searches for a keyword phrase, the search engine will display your website on the first or second page of the results in addition to the general search results.

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This method is also considered as one of the best methods of click advertising and many believe that the effect of video advertising is much more than other methods. In this method, before playing the video desired by the audience, a video ad or banner is displayed, which by clicking on it, the audience will be directed to your website. This ad can be displayed during video playback and in the margins.

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Cost-effectiveness: In click-through advertising, you only pay when a user clicks on your website, which can be reasonably priced. If you use click-through ads on the site, you can determine the number of clicks based on your budget, after which your ad will be removed from the host site and will no longer cost you.


  • Targeting

You can select your audience according to their desired specifications such as location, language and type of device they use. This way you can have high-income click ads, because you attract users who are more likely to become customers.

  • Measurability

PPC ads can be set up to accurately measure effectiveness. You can determine exactly how much you invest.

  • Customizable

As you run campaigns, you can make and improve small changes, such as changes to ad text, based on what worked best.

  • Speed

In organic search engine optimization (SEO) methods, it takes months to achieve the desired result. But in click advertising, you will usually see the immediate effect of your efforts.