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Graphics Services

We offer an extensive and wide range of services related to graphics in order to create a one-stop platform for all your graphics-related needs.

Our Graphics Services include but are not limited to branding, logo, catalog, business card, teaser, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and development, menu design, magazine and banner design, and also design and creation of Instagram posts.

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What is visual identity?

The visual identity of the brand is a spice for businesses and brands and makes brands better penetrate into the minds and hearts of a business audience. In today's world where we see creative images at every moment, the importance of visual identity is felt more than ever. Brands have started to create mental images and images. They want to be engraved on the mind of the audience. Identity literally means the personality, essence and truth of a thing. The importance of a brand's visual identity is as important as the identity of a human being. All elements of visual identity are etched on our minds like the image we have of a human being.


Components of visual identity

  • Logo or brand logo
  • Advertising slogans and taglines
  • Brand organizational color Business
  • card and office set
  • Brand book
  • Brand signature
  • Pattern or brand texture
  • website
  • Email design
  • Social networks (such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.)

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Step 1) Research & Development: At this stage, the main focus is on the images that we want the audience to have in mind of our brand; We have to answer the following questions: What kind of visual design describes our brand personality? What name is appropriate for our brand and can provide a better definition of our brand identity? What kind of visual design reflects the quality of our brand? What kind of visual design best defines our customers? What kind of visual design expresses the relationship between us and our customers? What new visual design is associated with our products and services? …. By answering the above questions, many issues related to visual identity design are clarified and clarified.

Step 2) After moving from the first stage, you can choose the right name for the business, to choose a name, it is better to use the psychology of target market behavior; By researching the customer behavior of similar products and services, a name can be chosen that helps to attract the audience and is effective in the branding process.

Step 3) Start designing visual identity (logo, brochure, catalog and other effective tools in branding): In this step, having the answers to the questions, we can choose the initial design for the logo, what logo for products and services, target market and product quality We are more suitable. Contact our consultants right now for branding advice

Step 4) Select the organizational color of the brand: In this step, you can choose the right color with the products and services, business goals and target market according to the psychology of colors, this in turn is effective in the mind of the audience and the right choice of colors in The branding process helps you.

Step 5) Select fonts or typography: In this step, you can use the appropriate fonts for the personality of the organization. You have to pay attention to the tone of your brand; Dry and serious tone, friendly tone, humorous tone, etc., by considering these items, you can find the right font to communicate with your audience.

Step 6) Prepare and compile the book brand: In this step, you collect documents to record the details of the brand and products. This booklet contains complete details of brand color, brand font, logo, product features and target market.

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The effect of business card design on visual identity A set of documents such as letterheads, business cards, envelopes, financial and administrative papers, personal cards, labels and office sets that are used to display the visual identity of a brand.

Business card design has also become important for any business to the extent that most brands or business owners order high-circulation business card design to have a greater impact on their customers.

best business cards are simple and have the brand logo on one side and the contact information of the company or brand on the other side of the card.

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Business (and life in general) is increasingly tied to the Internet and web and mobile applications; As a result, companies have found that the best way to compete on the web is to prioritize building an engaging and efficient user interface that optimizes the user experience.

An user interface is an environment in which human users interact with a computer, website, or application. The purpose of an efficient UI, or user interface, is for the user to have a simple and tangible experience, and it does not take much effort to get the best results.


Why is the user interface important?

The user interface is crucial to meeting user expectations and supporting the effective performance of your site. A well-executed user interface facilitates the use of an application or machine with image contrast, clean and responsive design, and effective user-application interaction.

When designing a user interface for your site, it is very important to consider the user's expectations in terms of availability, visual aesthetics and ease of use. By anticipating and meeting the needs of the user, you can use the right combination of effective images and efficient responsiveness, which improves the site's customer acquisition rate.