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There are 63,000 Google searches per second. How many clicks is your share? We can describe the world today in words; Competition! In a highly competitive business world, no opportunity should be missed.

Google has a huge market for all businesses SEO or Search Engine Optimization – also known as Search Experience Optimization – is implemented in order to improve and increase the performance of the website according to the latest standards and protocols of search engines for the purpose of attracting more visitors to the website.

Our SEO Services will help your website to be the top result of the users’ searches. Your website will receive natural search result traffic with long lasting effect so that you can obtain real customers who will benefit from your services.

Next Step

Design and implementation of standard structure in site coding in accordance with the strategy The process of doing a project usually begins with optimizing the coding structure and adhering to the SEO standards on the site.

Our goal at this stage is to design and implement a standard platform that both provides a pleasant experience for the user and is well understood by Google bots. If the current platform of the site cannot be modified, it is practically impossible to start the project.

Things that are done in this service include the following

  1. Standard website markup
  2. Improve website speed
  3. Improve user experience

Next Step

1- Detailed analysis of the current status of the project Understanding the goals of the business and examining the current state of the site using statistical data and practical tools

2- Competitors analysis and keyword research Identify search and valuable phrases, analyze competitors in terms of amount and type of input, review some statistics of word search

3- The nature of the words and the purpose of the user from the search Keyword analysis and user purpose search analysis help us sort real goals from thousands of words

4- Grouping and designing keywords Word formation and phrase grouping to identify repeatable concepts and prioritize SEO goals

5- Estimating search volume and prioritization Using Google Search Console and WordPlanner Tool Reports, we prioritize our goals according to search volume

6- Tree structure Design a schematic view of SEO strategy and select landing pages appropriate to the nature of the words Contact our consultants for advice and picking your website SEO strategy

Next Step

After formulating a strategy and implementing a suitable platform, it is time to produce valuable content and publish it on the site. Our activities in the field of content production, if it is in line with the strategic goals of the business and complements the SEO strategy document, we call it content marketing.

Our services in content marketing are divided into three main categories;


Content production

training and supervision of the client's content team, content optimization and updating. Content Calendar Writing specialized articles helps us to target a wider range of words and to accompany the customer in more parts of the journey. At the beginning of each month, based on the SEO strategy document, we select relevant and popular topics and design a blog content calendar.

The process of ideation, content writing, illustration and publication on the site is done completely by the CSC content team and at the end of the month, a performance report and progress report is sent to the employer. For fast content sites such as news agencies and online magazines, our services will be educational.

Product writing Managing an online store has more challenges than an online magazine or corporate site. Writing standard content for products, choosing the right categories, targeted labeling, choosing a compelling title and description will all play a role in the success of an online store. Copywriting The content of the site is not limited to articles and products. Home page and various landings on websites that need to provide useful and useful content.

Our activity in these pages is not the writing of long texts and multiple images, but by selecting the appropriate titles and words, we determine the path of access and selection for the user. Landing is usually done at the beginning of the project and for important pages of the site, but with the progress of work and the addition of new pages, these services are expanded and offered in more sections. If necessary, we will provide suggestions on content layout and page architecture before writing the main texts.